We are responsible partners when securing Your property.

Company CERBEROS, ltd. was found in the begining of 90's and provides all kinds of security services, in sense of law 473/2005 Zb.

We help our clients to protect their property effectively, with reducing unwanted interests, like burglary, property theft or thieving, while lowering the risk of consecutive damages.

To make this goals come true, we use proper technique and also employ properly trained and armed staff. It is also very significant to consider a select appropriate resources, technical or human, because only proper combination will provide needed security at adequate costs.

Very powerful and for client effective is to use modern security devices and centers for alert registration, whose employees supervise secured objects and in case of need they send squad to breached object. Currently we are able to cover most area of Slovakia.

Property security is important part of our reality, and it is essential to have professionals to take care about Your security.

The responsibility and professionalism of our company proves the satisfaction of our clients, shopping companies, bank companies, SSE a.s and many more.